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Private, Hourly Training Program

Calling all dogs! Do you have a dog that has a mind of their own, a dog that doesn't listen to you, a dog that acts as if they have never heard the word "sit" and has no idea what it means? If so, you need to enroll them in our private, one-on-one hourly training class.   This training program is designed to work only with you and your dog on specific training behaviors you are having with your dog.

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Board & Train

Our Board & Train programs are for those people who want to go above and beyond what our Basic, Hourly Obedience training or our In-Home training offers. Board & Train programs are for those pushy, bratty dogs that believe they are entitled to do what they want to do when they want to do it. These dogs believe they rule the home and have little or no regard for authority. If this sounds like your dog, they would be a great candidates for one of our Board & Train programs.  

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Training At Your Home

Dogs live in our homes with us. This is where they interact with our family on a daily bases. This is where the unwanted behavior most often happens so it makes sense that in your home is where training will be most effective. As a team, we will work together to accomplish the goals you want and need for your dog.
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loose leash walk
 Loose Leash Walking                                                                 If there's one thing that people struggle with the most, it's probably walking their dog. I see it  everyday, the dog is walking their owner instead of the owner walking their dog. This is an every day occurrence. If you are having this same issue with your dog, check out our Loose Leash Walk program. We can change walking your dog from a  struggle to a walk both you and your dog will enjoy.                                                                                                                           To learn more, click on "Services"  
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In-Home Boarding & Doggie Playtime

We offer a loving, fun, crate-free home environment for our BOARDING clients. We can do this because we are not your typical boarding facility. We offer a pet friendly, fun loving and "Crate Free" place for your pet to stay.  We make the transition  from your home to our home stress-free for your pet. Along with our boarding program, we also offer DOGGIE PLAYTIME.  If you work long hours and would like for your dog to have human companionship, doggie playtime is perfect for you and your dog. Experts agree that dogs get lonely when they spend much of their time alone because they are pack animals. Many dogs that are deprived of companionship suffer. Dogs need environmental stimulation just as humans do. 
If your dog could benefit from training, why not achieve two objectives at the same time.  While your dog is boarding with us, we can also provide any training they may need.  If you are going out of town, combining boarding and training is more cost effective. 

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Don't Put Off Tomorrow a
I talk with people every day that are going to start their dog's training tomorrow, next week or next month.  The sad truth is, some never do. Not only is it sad for them, it is equally sad for their dog or maybe even more so for their dog.  If you have been considering professional training for your dog, don't wait another day. Believe me, a dog's behavior does not get better with time, but it does slowly but surely get worse.  Don't let another day pass without getting the help both you and your dog needs. Balanced Dog Training is here to help!


Your Next Step...

is to call me or email me using the contact form.  
If your dog needs TRAINING, I will be happy to discuss with you the behavioral issues you are having with your dog and which training program is the best fit to resolve those issues.  As a trainer, I believe it is my responsibility to help people and their dogs overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from having the best relations possible. 
If it's BOARDING or PLAYTIME that you need for your dog, give me a call.  Every dog in our boarding and playtime programs gets one-on-one play time  which they need and deserve.